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The company Lovetoys was created from a team of collaborators with knowledge and taste in the sector of erotic qualitative amusement and in the models of big erotic houses of abroad.

Beginning her activity from the import and distribution of qualitative films, at the same time it enters also in the space of erotic shops, continuing him same objective, giving always in the public of Thessalonica but also all Greece, different in the erotic entertainment. Today the company is accommodated in a space 200 t.m. imports and distribute above 2000 subjects monthly in video clubs and erotic stores and with above 250 new subjects that are renewed each month and are intended for renting and sale from retail her shops, and with a unlimited range of accessories, aids and erotic clothing, it is in place it even covers who everyone wants, gaining parallel daily the bet in her sector. The make that is to say that the period that the Greek took that him they gave, that what ever is that, it has passed for good.

With helper therefore this simple idea the company Lovetoys continues the activity and on the net with discretion and secrecy.

Finally wanting I stress that the company with base her beginnings will not be found here only for marketing and sale, but knowing chances problems of her purchasing public to try it helps as long as more and better can in your choices in your queries and anything results from our collaboration. The administration, scientific our personal and employees of our company will always be in your disposal.

We beforehand thank

Good "erotic" amusement.

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Efthinopoulos Prodromos


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